A CRM, Customer Relationship Management platform must consider integration with payment gateways to be successful. Having all the tools in different sources and places disconnects you from your customer and, most likely, your missing vital information. Your CRM should note every interaction down to the payments or sales. Having multiple payment gateway extensions can be easily integrated with your own CRM. Staying up to date with your customer information and profile down to the sales and one-time or recurring payments in one place simplifies it for everyone. Get more out of your CRM by increasing efficiency and having a fully integrated online payment gateways. Always keep in mind a CRM that only allows you to use their selected payment provider can lead to paying higher merchant fees than you should. 

1. Ease for Customers

Being able to make life easier for your customers is always a win. We all look for simple solutions that are convenient for both of you. Unfortunately, failure to meet your customer’s needs leads to loss. If the next CRM plays well with others and offers all the same tools, why not pick them? Time is also precious to your customer waiting for payments to update in your CRM, and gathering payment information takes effort and time from their staff. CRM’s that are fully integrated improve the customer experience and help you maintain a great relationship. 

2. Streamline your payment processing

Processing payments and then going back to update each payment as paid or failed takes time. You can see real-time payment data from payment processors to give you a competitive advantage. This will also enable you to get paid faster. You can set up automatic CRM payments or recurring credit card payments. The CRM can pick the payment dates from start to finish and frequency. This also decreases the chances of errors by having all the data and tools in one spot. Automate your sale process, pay invoices, and increase cash flow without the risks. With sales automation, You will have detailed reports and information you can use for a business or provide to your customers about their payment method. 

3. Bring Unique tools to your CRM with CRM payment gateway integration

Adding a payment gateway that can work well with a subscription or membership-type businesses is a win in today’s world. So many businesses are offering the recurring payment model, but you need specific tools to meet their unique needs. Payment tools to look for are recovery of failed recurring transactions and payment errors, and proactive account updater for lost, stolen, or expired cards. In addition, the payment request data, customer details and data, and process should integrate into the customer data resource management tool because that information is vital to the customer profile and experience. This integration ensures they keep their customer for the long haul and increase their average customer lifetime. You can stand out as a CRM when you facilitate and accept payments. This streamlined approach gives businesses a complete billing and payment suite with all the tools in one place. When choosing your CRM, be sure to give your customers the convenience and ease they look for in a payment process.