COVID-19, and social distancing, has changed the way we interact. From checking in to working out, the new focus will be on keeping members and staff safe by making necessary changes. Studies have shown people will continue to be cautious and will avoid touching surfaces altogether where possible. Visa and MasterCard are already seeing this trend and have increased transaction limits on contactless payments. Contactless terminals or online options will remain essential to protect staff and members for the foreseeable future. Over 71% of consumers said contactless payment options (e.g. paying online or over the phone) are very important to them.

What does this mean for you? Be sure you have a merchant processor who can provide contactless terminals and one who is looking out for your best interest with ways to save during this financially difficult time.

As a fellow small business, eCard Transactions is offering low merchant processing rates.

Make social distancing easier by filling classes to half-capacity. Some gyms have a reservation time slot to ensure the facility does not fill up with too many members. Online or live-streaming classes is another trend we see where gyms are utilizing technology for members who still aren’t ready to come in.

Be sure you are communicating with your members. During an ever-changing and confusing time research shows it is best to over-communicate. This will keep your members informed as well as to make them feel safe. Provide members with any updates and share the safety measures your facility is putting in place to welcome your members when they are ready to come back and visit!

We can see that over three-quarters of members are active and ready to get back to the gym. It is equally important to engage the other members that have been placed on hold or have terminated their membership to win them back. A great way to gain a member’s confidence would be a testimonial to promote the safety measures you have in place and to highlight the member experience coming back to the gym. This can be done effectively through an e-mail or social media.

Having tools to engage your members the right way is also key. Understand who your target audience is and what they are most likely to respond to; a text, an e-mail, or a phone call.

eCard Transactions is offering Contact Manager Service for free right now. Contact Manager allows you to connect and engage members via phone, text, or e-mail.

Maintaining a clean environment will remain important for members and staff to feel safe. By taking these steps, your business can continue to succeed while partnering with members to ensure a healthy and positive experience.