Start maximizing your revenue again.

Step 1. Discovery Call

Set up a quick call so we can find out about you, your business, and your payment details.

Step 2. Review Customer Plan

In order to help you we need to know what you’re currently doing today? How many declines do you have each month?

Step 3. Start increasing your revenue

Sit back and watch your cashflow grow. Start recovering your failed payments with experts while you can focus on your business.

With eCard Transactions, we believe recovering failed payments shouldn’t require overtime, it should be easy. Our platform is designed to make sure you maximize your revenue as you recover failed payments.

intelligent payment recovery

When businesses are able to recoup those recurring payments again, they see their business begin to soar.


With eCard Transactions’ Failed Payment Suite you will see an increased lifetime value, dedicated team members who understand your business and your members. eCard has everything, the intelligence, and algorithms as well as a caring team behind it all that understands your mission. That is why we are true partners when we recover failed payments.