We don’t want to brag but….

You can do all of this in one place:

Decrease Failed Payments
Decrease Failed Payments
Secure Payment Gateway

Secure Payment Gateway

Low merchant processing Cost
Low Merchant Processing Costs
Maximize Cash Flow
Maximize Cash Flow
account updates

Account Updater

contact manager

Contact Manager

credit card processing

ACH or Credit Card Processing

With eCard your chances of getting paid are 2x higher than the industry average!

Increase revenue. Retain Members. See Growth.

Recover over 90% of failed transactions and sustain your members for the long haul. For 22 years we have used our data and algorithms to achieve the highest success rate in the industry to reduce failed payments and increase monthly revenue. Studies found that up to 22% of your member base can be lost each month due to payment issues. Increase monthly revenue and gain more approvals over time, ultimately decreasing cancellations and customer churn.

Big Companies can’t care

eCard Transactions understands your mission and your members

Proactive Solutions to avoid a failed payment means smooth sailing for your members.

The best way to avoid failed payments and member loss is by keeping customer data up to date. This is crucial for reducing payment failures, improving efficiency, and maximizing your cash flow to grow your business. 30% of cardholders will experience a change in their payment within a year. We’ve teamed up with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover to maintain the accuracy of the member’s credit card information. Proactive updates on lost, stolen, or expired cards. This automation resolves the need to reach out to a member every time there is a change to their card. Members are less likely to cancel if they do not have to deal with the phone calls or emails every time their information changes.

Engage your members to stay connected to you and your mission.

Reach out and stay connected to your members. With unlimited options you choose the best way to communicate to your audience. Our system allows you to connect with thousands of members with a click of a button emails, text messages, and phone calls. Customize your message or choose from a template.  Contact manager is a perfect tool your business can use to make announcements and engage your members. 

Higher customer retention and reduced churn cycles while increasing average member lifetime.

eCard’s automated proprietary software is built to protect your revenue stream. Our proactive solutions reduce involuntary churn and increase membership retention. 

Keep tabs on all of your member transactions with our payment gateway. Easily find anything you need to know such as what payments have been  processed or when they will be paid out. You can search by dates, transaction ID, member number and more. 

Our detailed reports allow you to see a snapshot of all activity regarding your transactions, which gives you tools to recover payments even better. That way you can focus on keeping members happy and reduce your stress. 

You work hard for each member…why lose even one due to a failed payment? With eCard Transactions keep your members secure for the long haul.