Payment Recovery

Over 90% of failed payment processing can be recovered when using the credit card recovery services with eCard Transactions. We are able to recover failed transactions more successfully than any other card processing company. Don’t let failed subscription billing fall through the cracks. For over 22 years, we have helped businesses use our credit card recovery services to recover failed transactions, leading to increased monthly revenue and business growth.

Recover Over 90% of Failed Transactions

With eCard your chances of getting paid are

2x higher

than the industry average!

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Our Credit Card Recovery Services will:

Minimize Churn and Maintain Positive Relationships

Our partnerships with Discover, Mastercard and Visa ensure that our methods are safe and efficient for you and your cardholders. Your members’ personal information is encrypted and never shared, so you can trust that their subscription management is being handled honorably. With constant customer data updates, avoid unsuccessful recurring payments leading to customer dissatisfaction and frustration. Minimize churn rates and keep your members loyal to your business with our scheduled payment management solutions and Account Updater feature.

Avoid Failed Recurring Payments and Increase Monthly Revenue

Nearly 30% of cardholders experience at least one change in their credit card information every year. So, if you aren’t reaching out to your members often, you could be missing their valuable information. With our automated member information updates, you can significantly reduce failed subscription billing due to these unpredictable changes. This will increase your monthly cash flow, avoiding revenue slipping through the cracks. Avoid at least 10% of failed recurring payments by ensuring your customer data is kept up to date with eCard Transaction’s subscription payment solutions.