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eCard Transactions helps businesses with payment processing and services to meet credit card processing needs. Our comprehensive payment offerings serve businesses across all industries. From subscription based businesses to online e-commerce retailers looking to streamline the checkout process. We also offer in-store payment processing with our mobile payment solutions.

eCard Transactions Advantage

Accept Credit Cards: Start accepting credit cards at your business with merchant accounts. Merchants can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner’s Club.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: Stay current with today’s day in age by offering mobile credit card processing. eCard Transactions has added support for mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Mobile Point of Sale: Move your point of sale away from a brick-and-mortar location with our mobile point-of-sale solutions.

CNP(Card Not Present): Online subscriptions, monthly recurring payments, and scheduled payments online are CNP processed. Make sure your company is covered by eCard Transactions when CNP transactions are processed and eliminate fraud and failed payments.

POS Systems: POS Systems are best for small businesses looking to build customer retention. They are perfect for both online and in-store customer experiences. Full POS System integrated solutions offer all the advantages of a physical POS System allowing merchants to enjoy the speed and ease of transactions in a secure environment while increasing customer retention.

Small Business Credit Card Processing: Payment processing done right for small businesses.

Virtual Terminal: Whether you want to swipe a credit card, chip card, mobile payments, or even process checks, payments with eCard Transactions can be processed via their browser from anywhere.

Accepted Currencies: Merchants can accept USD, CAD and many international currencies based upon their processor integrations.

Multi-Tiered Hierarchy Structure: Use our multi-tiered hierarchical structure to recruit sub-affiliates to promote your business or to organize your business by products, employee, or region.

Detailed Reporting Capabilities: Our payment gateway system allows you to search and find exactly what you’re looking for and keep tabs on commissions so you know when they’ll be paid out with detail reporting.

Recurring Billing: Set a date, bill, and bill again. Our payment gateway handles the hard part, you just have to set a billing date!

Customer Support: eCard Transactions offers support, whether you’re a payment gateway guru or just getting your feet wet in the gateway world.

Manage Multi-Mids: Manage multiple MIDs on a single gateway account so you can consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products, and more!

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