Membership Payments

Memberships are now a regular thing for nearly every service or product. Today, consumers can easily shop online, subscribe and become a member to anything from music to clothing to food orders, the gym to tanning salon and even a membership to the car wash. Literally anything you can think of is more than likely just a few clicks away making it easy for consumers to become a member of.

When it comes to managing membership payments however, that may not be as easy. With eCard Transactions, make every membership payment be as easy as signing up for one. Your membership billing and payment needs to accommodate all the various forms of payments that your customers prefer in order to keep them happy and subscribed.

eCard Transactions makes membership payments and recurring membership payment transactions easier and automatic for customers from the initial sign-up to the recurring billing cycle. Our software based solution membership payment system is a safe, reliable platform for managing all client memberships.

Membership Payment Solution Benefits

Our system is compatible with all industries and markets. We make it easy on your business to manage and maintain your customers satisfaction when it comes time for renewing and maintaining their membership.

Benefits to eCard Transactions Membership Solutions:

Accept multiple payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as ACH

Manage and submit transactions

Send customized billing messages

  • Web services API for simple integration to existing systems, including access to automatic and manual recurring billing features
  • Check processing
  • Payment assurance, installment payments and store-and-hold functionality
  • Fully PCI compliant

Our membership solutions are fully customizable for any industry, no matter the size. eCard Transactions will take the steps necessary to ensure you are getting paid for the memberships that are processed.

At eCard Transactions, we are constantly monitoring and improving membership platforms and recurring payment methods to help drive the success of your business.

Recurring Payments

In today’s membership sign ups, online recurring payments are happening all the time. Industries such as gyms, spas, and more, all are on a membership based management. With an increasing presence for memberships and recurring payments, consumers want everything to be handled with little to no involvement required by them and, if any involvement is required, make it simple. eCard Transactions makes it easy on BOTH the consumer and business with our recurring payment solutions.

eCard Transactions understands that recurring billing is much more than a transaction; it’s about maintaining customer retention and customer satisfaction. Improve overall customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer engagement with our recurring payments solution. Our system is a software based solution built around your business and how consumers use your service or product. It accepts nearly every payment method and enables the acceptance of new recurring payments.

Make it easier for consumers to stay connected to your services

Increase customer acquisition

Accept multiple payment types including major credit cards, debit cards, and online payments

Take full control of your recurring payments with eCard Transactions recurring payment service.

With the amounts of increasing membership based industries, it can become overwhelming for not only consumers but also businesses trying to manage the preference and convenience for recurring billing. Take control of your payments and get on the path to higher recurring revenue with eCard Transactions recurring payments solution. Our solution helps increase recurring revenue and customer satisfaction through every stage of the customer lifestyle.

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