Recover up to 80% of failed transactions

eRecover – Maximize Revenue

eCard Transactions has over 20 years of experience optimizing the recovery of failed recurring payments. We understand that a one-size fits all model does not work for your business which is why we have developed a tailored solution. Customize your retry schedule to deliver the highest recovery rates in the industry. Increase your member or subscriber retention and eliminate involuntary churn. Send less emails, phone calls, and letters to your member or subscriber with the eCard Intelligent Advantage. Studies have found that up to 34% of your customer base can be lost each month due to payment issues. Reduce failed payments and excessive e-mails to your members. Increase monthly revenue and gain more approvals over time, ultimately decreasing cancellations and customer churn. Data driven recovery decisions that are fueled by accuracy to maximize your business’s growth.

Recover more revenue and gain more approvals

Benefits of eRecover

- Fast recovery with 80% success rate

- Intelligent Cloud based technology

- A retry schedule that works
- Increase Cash flow

- Grow Your business

- Superior Customer Service

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