eConnect Engage Members & Subscribers

Strengthen Member/Subscriber connections through eCard’s cloud based service. Our Contact Manager solution allows you to reach out, stay connected & engage members and subscribers. By utilizing eConnect you will increase your retention and participation. We understand that timing and the way you communicate to your members greatly effects your retention and customer churn that is why eConnect was designed specifically for reoccurring businesses. Customize, initiate, and build your campaign with detailed reporting and real time tracking.

eCard Transactions’ eConnect is a web-based system that automatically contacts specified members via phone call, text, or email. This multi-purpose system can be used to contact members for payment collection, for marketing purposes or for providing announcements.

  1. Strengthen connections and build trust with your members
  2. Use the most effective ways to communicate with your member
  3. Increase your reoccurring revenue

Instant Connection

Connect with your members in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. You can contact thousands of members instantly with the click of a button!

Improve Member Relations

eConnect allows your company to reach out, stay connected, and engage your members ultimately increasing member retention and participation. Your organization can even accept payments from members using your existing merchant provider. With eConnect, members can make actual payments through the automated system in real time which makes life simpler for both the member and your staff.

eConnect is Easy to Use:

  1. Develop your targeted contact list
  2. Upload contacts to our system
  3. Craft your message
  4. Set the time of contact
  5. Sit back and watch as hundreds of calls are made simultaneously!

What Can You Do with eConnect?

Engage Members: contact members with updates to your services

Emergency Contacting: weather-related announcements

Ask for Contributions: campagining for pledges/donations

Collection Services: collect funds due or update member information

Conduct Surveys: find out how you’re doing

Streamline Your Operations

eCard Transactions eConnect will allow you to quickly and easiliy share announcements, simplify the payment process for members, and streamline member relations therefore decreasing the time employees spend on the phone. With eConnect, you can contact members faster and easier than ever before. eCard Transactions services were designed specifically to work together strategically to take your business to the next level.

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