eCard Transactions Gives Back

eCard Transactions is a payments service provider of customized cash-flow solutions, serving businesses from coast to coast. We have the ability to improve the collection challenges and protect our customers cash-flow through our proven financial performance safeguard technology. Not only do we help protect our clients cash-flow, we also pride ourselves on giving back to your Community. eCard Transactions has grown over the years and we have partnered up with great, fast-growing organizations to give back to. Giving back is part of the culture here at eCard Transactions.

True Partner with the YMCA

eCard Transactions has been actively involved with the YMCA community. We continue to donate, sponsor and support our YMCA communities. We provide quarterly updates regarding the amount of money donated. eCard also gives other businesses and their owners a chance to contribute and donate on an ongoing basis.

Thank You Video From YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Volunteer Firefighters

Over the past five years, we have volunteered our time to work over 7,000 hours dedicated to making our community better. We have volunteered our time and resources to the Volunteer Firefighters throughout the state.

eCard Transactions' firefighter community involvement


Building Relationships

eCard Transactions is member focused and client driven, aiming to provide our customers with superior cash-flow management services, ultimately attributing to their growth and success throughout the community. Our strong relationships ensure the strength and depth of resources required for providing customized solutions.

Connect with eCard Transactions and start growing your business and community strength today!

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