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eUpdate - avoid failed payments

Proactively update member/subscriber card information and avoid a failed payment. Keep your member/subscribers payment records up-to-date with eUpdate from eCard Transactions. Maintaining accurate member data is one of the biggest challenges member-driven businesses face today. Your member/subscriber records will always be current and accurate without any extra effort. eCard Transactions eUpdate service facilitates and encourages customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty. By leveraging our relationship with card issuers, ensuring the card information on file is current and correct through our relationship with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express’s data bases. Serving as an automated, secure software based solution, eUpdate delivers account information in a timely, effective manner on expired, lost, stolen or invalid card information.

How eUpdate Can Help Your Business

eCard Transactions is helping businesses manage payments more efficiently. We take the stress and worry away from you so you can focus on your business and keeping customers happy. Did you know that 30% of card holders will experience a change in their payment within a year? We have teamed up with Visa, MasterCard and Discover in order to provide this service for member-driven businesses that can maintain the accuracy of a member’s credit card information on file electronically. Since eUpdate performs all updating automatically, you will no longer need to reach out to a member every time there is change to the card. I.e. different expiration date, account number, etc. eUpdate will save your employees countless hours of tedious work and will ensure the card information on file for each member will be dependably accurate.

eUpdate can greatly benefit your business:

  • Reduce card decline – Accurate card information means fewer credit card declines and better cash flow for your business.
  • Improve Efficiency –  Greatly reduce the amount of time your staff spends researching and manually making card updates.
  • Increase Member Retention – Members are less likely to cancel if they don’t have to deal with paperwork and phone calls every time their card changes. They will greatly appreciate the ease of seamless account updating.

Reduce the risk of losing revenue by ensuring that the correct card data is on file and up to date.

Let eCard Transactions eUpdate take care of the missing information. Our software-based solution is the leading edge software for failed payments. Don’t lose a customer over failed payment. Contact eCard Transactions today!

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