Detailed Reporting

Using our insightful payment gateway, keep track of all payment processing and subscription billing in one easily navigable place. Search and review all successful payments, failed transactions and upcoming recurring payments. With our search tool, you can look up past payments by date, transaction I.D., member number and many others. This allows you to keep track of your past, present and future recurring payments, promoting active and detailed subscription management. This payment gateway will help you easily detect and recover failed transactions, leading to more revenue for your business.

Detailed Reporting Will:

Detect Failed Transactions and Increase Revenue:

Being able to quickly and easily look up subscription billing information for your members will not only help you detect and solve transaction problems. It will also build your members’ trust and confidence in your business and its services. Using our membership management tools, get fast access to member information, so you can best solve the problem at hand. Being able to act fast to recover failed transactions, you’ll be able to increase your monthly revenue and help grow your business.

Minimize Member Churn:

How a business responds to failed transactions and subscription billing problems can determine how loyal their member base is. Unorganized membership management can cause a decrease in members, in the end costing your business significant monthly revenue. Using a payment processing system that can handle subscription billing and scheduled payment management will help give you and your subscribers the peace of mind they need. Our payment gateway systems will help you recover failed transactions swiftly while tracking all future recurring payments. At eCard Transactions, we provide excellent subscription payment solutions for you and your members.