Reduce chargebacks and increase customer retention

Manage Your Customer Retention Growth

The number of chargebacks and payment disruptions greatly affect your membership retention rates in a subscription or recurring payment business. eCard’s intelligent payment platform increases your retention rates by avoiding unnecessary payment disruptions. Outstanding customer service partnered with experienced recovery will increase your cash flow.

Customer Retention Management

When it comes to customer retention management, notifying customers at the right time in the right manner has a significant influence on their decision to stay with your services or subscription offering. eCard Transactions customer retention management gives you the ability to send messages and offers to customers. Our customer retention management solution makes it easy to:

Design and implement coupons and promotion based campaigns

Launch seasonal promotions

Offer fixed or percentage-based discounts

Segment by product, offers, subscriptions, and new subscribers to ensure the right audience is receiving the right offer

Prevent Failed Payment Transactions

Payment transactions can fail for a variety of reasons and can potential lead to a customer leaving your service. You can prevent that risk with a proper customer retention solution from eCard Transactions. We have a leading edge software solution program for failed payments to help our clients minimize customer losses due to payment failures. Our software includes smart business rules to retry cards, integration with our Account Updater services, and has backup payment options available. We analyze why a payment failed and resolve the issue. Our software has been proven to increase revenues and ensure the resolved transactions will stay resolved over the long term.

Customer retention is a never-ending process. You will do everything in your power to keep rates low, increase benefits and make payment easy to keep customer retention. Our clients see an increase in customer retention almost immediately with eCard Transactions customer retention solution. eCard Transactions customer retention solution ensures that the highest possible percentage of transactions are successful and that you stay engaged with not only your customers but that they stay engaged with your services and products offered.

Increase customer retention and engagement with eCard’s leading edge customer retention software based solution. See for yourself why subscription based organizations are making the switch to eCard.

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