Contact Manager

Build Strong Relationships Through Good Communication

Stay connected with your members using our Contact Manager tool. Choose your personalized communication route. Whether you prefer to use emails or texts or phone calls, you get to choose how you communicate with your customers. Our contact management software then allows you to fully customize your messages and send them ALL in a click of a button! Make important announcements, offer new discounts or just check-in with your entire subscriber base in just a fraction of the time it would take you traditionally. Keep track of your all of your customer and contact information with our easy-to-use contact manager system. 

Fully Customizable Options to Serve Your Customer Base for Their Needs

Our contact management software allows you to choose from different templates, or fully customize your messages. Instantly send thousands of messages to your subscriber base and begin building strong member relationships. If you’re looking for a more innovative and quick way to reach your members, eCard Transactions has the subscription management services you need. Our software will help improve your sales process through meaningful engagement and increase your customer lifecycle. 

Our Contact Manager Will:

Strengthen Your Member Relationships

Create Confidence in Your Brand with Our Contact Management System

Keeping close in contact with your members is something that is crucial to subscription management. Engaging with your subscribers builds trust, leading to a positive customer experience with your company and your services. Having members that have confidence in your reliability is extremely valuable to member retainment and company growth. With our customization tools, you can personalize messages to your members, since you know them best. Invest in good member contact management with eCard Contact Management System that will change the way you communicate with your subscribers or members. 

Decrease Time Spent Contacting Members

Time is Money. Spend Your Time Working Smarter, Not Harder just to Touch Base with Your Customers

While staying in touch with your subscribers and members is vital to your business, it also cannot be the ONLY thing you get done. With our contact management services, you will significantly decrease the amount of time it takes you to reach your members. Your contact data and time spent will be improved saving your company time and money. At eCard Transactions, our state-of-the-art technology can send out thousands of emails, text messages or phone calls in a matter of seconds to reach your subscribers.

Create Valuable Experiences with Your Customers that Leave a Positive Impact

Our contact management solution options allow you to fully personalize your messages, so you can further connect with your members. Your members will feel valued instead of annoyed. Your content will be customized to their needs, their questions so that your customer engagement is useful information. Stop dreading the hours it traditionally took to email, call and text your customers, and switch to our best contact management software that we’ve ever offered. Smart contact data is within reach when you utilize smart technology. Information and communication activities are easy to track and improve with our software. All of your customer contacts, contact details, contact information and contact records are in one place, with easy to navigate tools. Create valuable experiences with your brand while saving money and time spent. 


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