Failed Payment Recovery for Membership and Subscription Services

Intelligent failed payment recovery ensures top-notch retention rates, significantly reducing involuntary churn and increasing revenue.

10-15% of all recurring payments end in failure.
Reduce involuntary churn with automated behind-the-scenes failed payment recovery.

services for card processing
services for card processing
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Intelligent Failed Payment Recovery

Recover failed membership and subscription payments

Silent Payment Resolution

Recover payments behind the scenes with AI and ML technology. Avoid premature customer interaction by turning failures into approvals quickly.

Engage Payment Recovery

Some payment failures require personalized communication to recover payments with text, email and phone calls ensuring members stay for the long haul.

Learn Which One Is Best For Your Business

Hint: We recommend our Failed Payment Suite, which includes both behind-the-scenes and manual methods which leads to a 90% recovery rate.

We changed the recurring payment industry with our failed payment recovery services. People Noticed…

Use built-in integrations to customize your platform

Directly linking with your chosen payment processor and subscription management system is our specialty. Whether it’s seamlessly integrating with established technologies like Stripe and Recharge or crafting tailor-made solutions in-house, we offer versatile integration options. Discover our array of integration possibilities today.

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Here's how eCard helps your business gain back lost revenue

Recoup 90% of failed payments

eCard's intelligent ML and AI algorithms analyze payment data to determine the most effective recovery method and achieve a remarkable 90% success rate in recovering failed payments. With advanced technology, eCard swiftly resolves payment issues, maximizing revenue and ensuring a seamless customer experience.


Since 2014, our team has had the joy of helping thousands of businesses recoup over

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of failed recurring payments, which has resulted in over

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in funds recovered, as well as over


hours of estimated staff time saved.

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