Maximize your revenue

eCard Transactions gives business owners peace of mind through failed payment recovery whenever their recurring payments fail.

Business owners are frustrated that 10-15% of all recurring payments end in failure.

services for card processing
services for card processing

But what’s worse is that those failed transactions are costing them more than they imagined:

With eCard Transactions, we believe recovering failed payments shouldn’t require overtime, it should be easy. Our platform is designed to make sure you maximize your revenue as you recover failed payments.

When businesses are able to recoup those recurring payments again, they see their business begin to soar.


Payment fails are extremely frustrating for businesses.

We feel your pain.

That’s why since 2014, our team has had the joy of helping thousands of businesses recoup over

of failed recurring payments,
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which has resulted in over
in funds recovered
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as well as over
hours of estimated staff time saved

We changed the recurring payment industry with our failed payment recovery services.

People Noticed…

Here’s what they are saying:

Lisa Adkins, Finance Director

Ecard – I don’t remember the year (8 or 9 years ago), but my boss came back from a Y conference in Florida and said he had spoken to a gentleman by the name of Steve Gdovic at a vendor booth and said I think they may have what you are looking for. I made the call and WOW I am so glad I made that call. Ecard has made my work load on return credit cards so much easier. I was spending hours calling members regarding failed credit cards. I truly recommend Ecard for your failed payments.

Jennifer Hlubek - Business Manager

The Cedar Rapids Metro YMCA has had a professional working relationship with eCard for nearly 7 years. They have assisted us with reducing our returns and recovering membership payments. eCard and our YMCA has a great partnership and a common goal to assist our association and its members with processing membership payments and ultimately helping us get credit cards updated so members avoid potential fees. I have known the folks at eCard since 2013 and I'm happy to work with them and call them 'friends.’

Sam Brooks - CEO

Working with eCard has been a pure joy. Their customer service is second to none and their business products are top notch. Their Recovery Service has made us more efficient and has drastically enhanced our bottom line. The Account Updater feature takes the pressure off of our staff from having to chase down customers to update debit/credit cards. We are a small business but they have never treated us as such. Well done eCard!


Start maximizing your revenue again.

Step 1. Discovery Call

Set up a quick call so we can find out about you, your business, and your payment details.

Step 2. Review Customer Plan

In order to help you we need to know what you’re currently doing today? How many declines do you have each month?

Step 3. Start increasing your revenue

Sit back and watch your cashflow grow. Start recovering your failed payments with experts while you can focus on your business.

Recovering payments on your own is time-consuming and usually, you or your staff are overextended or untrained in dealing with payment process failures. Most businesses have multiple team members with a full-time salary to achieve a recovery rate of around 50-70%. Having an automatic system is impersonal, lowers your credibility, and ends up hurting your business. With eCard Transactions recovery suite you will see an increased lifetime value, dedicated team members who understand your business and your members. eCard has everything, the intelligence, and algorithms as well as a caring team behind it all that understands your mission. That is why we are true partners when we recover failed payments.