Intelligent Reoccurring Payment Recovery

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eCard Transactions Merchant Recovery services can recover over 80% of your credit card declines within days.

Connect with your members in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. You can engage hundreds of members instantly with the click of a button.

eUpdate allows you to update your records automatically on your customers that have an expired credit card or cards that have been reported lost or stolen.

We are one of the leading contenders in today’s collections industry by placing our focus on the needs of our clients to best assist them with the recovery of outstanding debt.

eCard Transactions Merchant Card Services provide a wide array of credit card processing solutions for your business to stay ahead in today’s financial enviroment.

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Failed Subscription Payment Recovery

eCard Transactions is a full service payment processor specializing in the recovery of failed card not present transactions. eCard Transactions’ gateway capabilities and processing platforms guarantees the lowest merchant rates available, flexible payment options for your customers for subscription or membership based services. eCard Transactions is the proven, leading edge software based solution for failed payments in card not present industries!

Why eCard Transactions?

  • Automatically Renew Subscriptions – Resolve card issues and keep accounts active
  • Failed Payment Recovery – Eliminate customer churn with a retry schedule that works
  • Manage Payments – In-depth, easy-to-use subscription management solutions
  • Dunning Management – Take control, saving yourself time and resources with a customized solution for your business
  • Set up Recurring Payments – Customize easy payment options for automatic recurring payments
  • Eliminate Churn – Resolve failed payments and proactively update payment disruptions
  • Increase Customer Experience – Increase retention, stay connected and engage your customers
  • Grow Your Business – From a one time order to a life long customer we have the solutions for your business to grow

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