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Merchant Recovery Services

eCard Transactions understands that NSF checks, declined credit cards and declined EFTs can slow down a business’s cash flow. You’re in business to keep good customers. Since a customer who writes an NSF check or has their credit card declined is normally embarrassed, the resulting situation may deter him/her from future business dealings with your organization. eCard Transactions Merchant Recovery Services handles all collection activities without your involvement. You get your money without unpleasant and unnecessary confrontation with the customer.

merchant recovery services

We keep it simple… Whether a customer bounces a check or his credit card is declined to your business, eCard Transactions Merchant Recovery Services uses intelligent software and a sweep technology that monitors your customer’s bank account for funds available. When the funds are available, we immediately recover 100% of the value of what is due from that account. An NSF fee is paid by the bad check writer for the cost of collection. It costs you nothing!All checks, EFT’s and credit card transactions are collected electronically and are absolutely free for merchants. You receive 100% of the face value without having to pay the fees. Our Merchant Recovery Services also provides you with free online reporting of your NSF check or declined credit card transactions activity.

How Much Do Merchant Recovery Services Cost Our Customers? Nothing!

Our credit card recovery and collection service is ABSOLUTELY FREE to you. We believe that businesses should not have to spend more money to collect bad debt. That’s where eCard Transactions can help.

We provide check EFT and credit card recovery services to you at no charge. This automated collections process results in improved cash flow, reduced administration, and improved member relations.

Benefits of our Merchant Recovery Services:

Super Fast – Increase cash flow with faster collections of NSF transactions. Electronic transactions take precedence over paper checks.

No Hassle – No more embarrassing letters or phone calls to customers. Concentrate on your business while we take care of collections.

Cost Savings – Never any equipment to buy or lease. Pay no money for return check fees or declined processing fees from your bank. Receive 100% of the face value of the transaction.

Superior Service – 24/7 online reporting – you always know the status of transactions in progress.

Digital Check Image – Real time image of any returned checks, front & back.

Proven Track Record – 87% plus success rate. In the event the NSF check can’t be collected via our electronic process, you have the option to use a collection company that uses traditional methods.

Excellent Customer Service – A dedicated account executive is assigned to each customer backed by a world class customer care department.

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