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Credit Card Chargeback Collections

When you work with eCard Transactions, you get to focus on what your business does best while we recover your lost revenue and take over 100% of the chargeback dispute process.

eCard Transactions’ Credit Card Chargeback Collection service handles all collection activities without your involvement. You get your money without the uncomfortable confrontation with the customer.

We keep it simple… Whenever a customer’s credit card is declined to your business, eCard Transactions Credit Card Chargeback Collection Services uses intelligent software and a sweep technology that will monitor your customer’s bank account for funds available. When the funds become available, we immediately recover 100% of the value of what is due to you from that account.

Quickly Recover Lost Credit Card Funds & Maximize Credit Card Chargeback Collections

  • We optimize your credit card chargeback collections success by customizing our proprietary dispute processing system to the specifications of your business.
  • No more embarrassing letters or phone calls to customers! Concentrate on your business while we take care of credit card chargeback collections.
  • Never any equipment to buy or lease. Save money on declined credit card chargeback processing fees from your bank. You receive 100% of the face value of the credit card transaction.
  • 24/7 online reporting – you always know the status of credit card chargeback collection transactions in progress.
  • Free up your in-house resources for more important projects; improve quality and results by allocating the time-consuming tasks to our team of experienced dispute specialists.

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